What is SSD?

SSD stands for Solid State Drives, and they are the building block of every masterpiece we create at Power Up Hosting. With SSD you’ll enjoy blazing fast performance from our cutting-edge servers. Back in the days, all data was stored on Hard Drives which use magnetic forces to read and write into spinning disks inside a small metal box. While this was super cool and innovative at the time, a newer alternative has been set and we here at Power Up, go by the best standards.

So What’s all the Rage?

SSD are up to 10 X Faster at Reading and Writing data than traditional Hard Drives. This means your online data for applications, websites, and files can be stored and delivered faster than you can say “fast”. Not only that, our awesome server engineers use technologies like RAID and LVM to harness the performance and reliability of SSDs. Making them fault tolerant so if a drive fails, you will never even know. The mission here is to make sure your data stays readily available and can withstand the pressure of online demand.

How Can I start Using This Awesome Technology?

It’s very easy to get started with Power Up Hosting. We provide hosting services for anyone ranging from complete beginners to seasoned pros. To top it off, all of our services use the awesome SSD technology and the latest Intel Processors at no additional cost.

SSD Shared Hosting
per month
  • Get your website online in less than 30 seconds
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Linux VPS
per month
  • Highly Optimized and Fine Tuned. Natively Virtualized with KVM
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Windows VPS
per month
  • .NET Framework, Remote Desktops, All SSD
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Dedicated Servers
per month
  • Fully Customizable, Latests Intel Processors, All types of OS.
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Power Fact: Every single one of our servers run on Intel processors.

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