High Speed Private Proxies. Perfect to be used for Social Media Websites.

Our Social Media Private Proxies will connect you anonymously to:

Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn

High Speed Private Proxies. Perfect to be used for Social Media Websites.

High Speed Private Proxies. Perfect to be used for Social Media Websites

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Keep your Identity protected and stay anonymous.

We have configured our proxy services to be the ultimate in web anonymity. Leave no traces behind, and never show your originating IP to the world. With over 7 years of experience in the proxy business, Power Up Hosting Proxies will always have your back!

Experience the ultimate Dedicated 1000 Mbps of Network Port

Our proxies have been tried and tested by some of the largest and most demanding markets in the world. Our Dedicated Proxies ensure that you have complete bandwidth without compromise, and our Shared Proxies have proprietary algorithms to ensure that you get your fair share of speed. Either way, you will enjoy uninterrupted anonymity with our proxies!.

Get your IP address authenticated with your proxies for added security

Your proxies will be delivered with a username and password. However, for added security you can lock them in by IP so that they only work from a specific IP Address. Our proxies also support traffic through HTTPS so your data will travel encrypted by 256 Bit secure socket layer. Simply Unbreakable!

Get a guaranteed replacement if your proxies are banned during your billing period.

Don’t like your proxies for whatever reason? Don’t sweat it! – With Power Up Hosting you will be entitled to replacements without any additional cost. Moreover we will send you a new batch of proxies every 30 days to ensure your anonymous surfing remains a mystery on the web, Guaranteed!

Get proxies from multiple cities from United States & Europe

We offer proxies from all over the US and Europe. We have proxies from many different major cities and countries. If you’re looking to mix it up with various different locations, and multiple different C Class subnets, talk to one of our experts right now!

Our 24×7 Support team is there to help you all the time.

We’ve been doing proxies for a long time, and we’ve always done it well. Our staff is available and ready to help you 24/7/365/Forever. Need proxies fast? Talk to an Expert today and Get Started!

Uptime. Speed. Peace of Mind. Guaranteed!

Uptime. Speed. Peace of Mind. Guaranteed!


Your proxies will keep up with your hunger for data without missing a byte.


IP Based Authentication makes it easier to run your software. Need username/pass authentication? No problem.


You will get new proxies every 30 days, we know what we’re doing.