Why Power Up Hosting?

Power Up Hosting is the official cPanel NOC partner

Power Up Hosting is the proud owner of all its hardware across all the available locations. We believe in security and better control, and hence, unlike a majority of the other companies, we do not resell.

Power Up Hosting is the official cPanel NOC partner

You will love the exceptionally fantastic support from our in-house support team that enables us to help and take care of your business like it’s our business. Being the official cPanel NOC Partner ensures you are picking the right company to host all your website on our cPanel SSD Hosting Server.

LiteSpeed Web Server ensures speed and security work in harmony.

LiteSpeed Web Server has been the web server of choice for performance driven applications and servers for years. It is the #1 commercial web server in the world! Power Up Hosting was an early adopter of the LiteSpeed technology and a pioneer in offering LiteSpeed at no additional cost to members!

Turbo-charge your website today. LiteSpeed has been built with performance and security in mind. PHP is processed over 10 times faster than apache, and over 76% faster than the number 2 performance web server, NginX. With LiteSpeed, we are able to secure the servers at a base level and still outperform other servers. Feel the difference when you switch to Power Up Hosting with LiteSpeed!

CloudLinux OS protects you from naughty neighbors.

The biggest drawback for shared hosting was the fact that most of the time, one user would be able to overload a server and crash it, causing problems for everyone else in the server. Power Up Hosting has always strived for pioneering change in the industry. With CloudLinux, we are able to not only keep your neighbors in the server under control, but give you dedicated resources so that your websites can stay fast, reliable, and secured. Join Power Up Hosting today and see why CloudLinux has revolutionized the way the world does shared hosting.

CloudLinux has a host of features including powerful reporting and resource control, the ability to choose and change PHP versions at will, and many more security features that allow each and every user to securely store, process, and serve content on the web. Do not settle for non-regulated shared hosting services. Give yourself peace of mind, and your websites the resources it needs, with CloudLinux and Power Up Hosting!

Solid State Drives Unbreakable Performance. Delivered.

The Solid State Drive is the cornerstone of performance at Power Up Hosting. Using only state of the art enterprise level SSDs, we are able to deliver performance and reliability that can consistently outperform our competitors. Our Research and Development team has worked closely with SSD manufacturers such as Intel, Crucial and SanDisk to test and challenge performance to meet the demands of very busy web servers. The result has been a continuous improvement throughout the years on the way we setup, tune up, and maintain our hardware. Do not settle for less than peak performance. Sign Up Today and feel the difference.

SSD have brought performance to a whole new level. With the increased in CPU and Network Throughput, we were really limited by the rates at which even Enterprise Hard Drives could read and write data. With SSD, we have found the perfect solution to ultra demanding disk I/O. SSD also come with the added benefit of less power usage, less heat emissions, and less CPU stress (without having to wait for disk I/O). This means that not only are SSD great for your websites, but they also help lower the carbon footprint of our datacenters. Making Power Up Hosting a powerful and environmentally friendly host!

Pre-Owned Hardwares & Multiple Locations Reach a Global Audience

Power Up Hosting currently offers a total of 4 locations to choose from: Los Angeles, California USA Dallas, Texas USAEdison, New Jersey USA Amsterdam, Netherlands

Take advantage of our powerful, global PowerNAP™ network topology with our strategically deployed locations worldwide. We are also expanding rapidly, adding more locations each and every year. Do you have a specific location in mind? We have ties with top tier datacenters around the world. To find out more, Talk to an Expert Today.

Uptime. Speed. Peace of Mind. Guaranteed!

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Power Up Hosting allows you to setup unlimited domains as addon domains directly from your cPanel SSD Shared Hosting account with us


Power Up Hosting would never restrict you on the number of emails and database you want to create.


You get up to 1GB of physical RAM and 2GB of Virtual RAM along with up to 1CPU for your cPanel SSD Shared Hosting with Power Up Hosting. Our fully true SSD disk space is only restricted to be used for the purpose of the website.

Our Dedicated Server Hosting Plans & Packages

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With all the features mentioned and incredibly affordable pricing, you can trust your business with us.