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PHP VS. - These Differences You Should Know

Sushma PatilSushma Patil

Guys !! Are you new to PHP and ASP.NET ??

If yes, then please follow this article.

Surely you will get an idea of what is an exact difference between these two languages.

Here I am describing the difference between PHP and ASP.NET...

..but before that, we will study on PHP and ASP.NET.

...So, let's start what is PHP.

PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor)

First we will see the history of PHP

PHP is created in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf. At this time the purpose of this language is for HTTP usage logging.

During 1995 it transformed into server-side embedded scripting language.

Why we use PHP?

I am describing here why we use PHP.

IT is open source technology.

PHP supports Linux operating system which is available for free.

It can work with Linux, windows, and UNIX.

PHP is open source server-side scripting language.

It is an HTML-embedded scripting language.

Most syntax from "C", "java" and "Perl" are combined to make an easy and interesting creation of dynamic pages for any web developer.

It is easy to use.

It supports different operating system like UNIX, Mac, Windows. It also supports database like

  • MySQL

  • mSQL

  • IBM DB2

  • Informix

  • PostgreSQL

  • Hyperwave

  • Oracle


There are different versions of PHP. Current version of PHP is Zend Engine 3

Now we will see what are the PHP features:


We always wish that our script should load fast and improve performance. The script which written in PHP will get execute fast than written in any other language.

Platform Independent

As we have discussed PHP supports different OS like Windows, Mac, Unix, and Linux.


PHP is embedded within HTML tags and script.

Open source

PHP is a free open source software.

Now we will see the installation of PHP

As the AMP software stack which is available for all operating system, so this software is very useful to use PHP software.

There are different AMP software stacks accordingly various operating systems:

For windows:

WAMP software stack is used.

For Linux:

LAMP software stack is used.

For Mac:

MAMP software stack is used.

For Solaris:

SAMP software stack is used.

For Cross-platform:

XAMPP Apache-MySQL-PHP-PERL for cross-platform.

How PHP works:

If the client requests PHP page. Then that page will read by a web server and will perform some task if necessary to do. Then the result will be sent to the client.

Let's we see one simple example of PHP so you will get an idea how to write a script in PHP.

For that, we need to create a file and write HTML tags with PHP code and most important we have to save this file with .php extension.

<!DOCTYPE html>

<h1> Wishing !!</h1>

echo "Good Morning !";



Now, We will study ASP.NET

Before, that we will study the Architecture of Web.

The client sends request HTTP:// then the client will get the response from web server.

So, there are different technologies present in client and server side.



ASP,ASP.NET are server-side technologies. Web servers contain pages that formatted in the "HTML" language.


ASP stands for "Active Server Pages"

As we know ASP is server-side technology, and it is Microsoft's technology.

Means when a user requests something then before sending the page as in a reply that page processed on a Microsoft web server.

That page is consists of HTML including one or more scripts.

It is a common gateway interface (CGI) application in that various scripts are involved that runs on the server.

So we can say ASP file is a combination of VBScript and JScript in an HTML file and it is ActiveX data objects (ADOs) program in HTML.


.NET is also Microsoft's technology. .NET stands for Network Enabled Technology.

It is web services that allow connecting devices, information, computers and people through software. It makes easier for sharing their information between computers and multiple programs.

It uses XML (Extensible Markup Language) rather than HTML to an increased capability for websites to share their information interactively.


Next generation of ASP is ASP.NET.

ASP.NET which allows creation, execution, deployment of web applications and services.

This file contains HTML,XML and scripts. File extension for ASP.NET is ".aspx".

ASP.NET was launched by Microsoft in the year of 2002.

ASP.NET supports Windows platform which is not available for free.

It supports with windows platform.

It is Microsoft technology and it runs inside the IIS.


IIS stands for Internet Information Services. IIS has a capability for Microsoft's Windows NT and Windows 2000 server operating system.

Now how ASP.NET is work:

When a client browser requests the ASPX page, then IIS passes this request to ASP.NET engine.

Then ASP.NET engine reads the file and executes the scripts in the file. then ASP.NET return to the browser as a plain HTML page.

IT supports different development model like web pages. Web pages are the simplest programming model to develop ASP.NET web pages.

Web forms are the oldest ASP.NET programming model as the combination of HTML, server controls, and server codes. Also, ASP.NET supports MVC model view controller.

It provides full control over HTML, CSS and java scripts.


Guys! We have been seen what is PHP and ASP.NET. We observed the difference between PHP and ASP.NET...

...Also how they work, please share this article with friends.

If you have any doubt or suggestion leave it in the comment section.

Thank you!

Sushma Patil

Sushma Patil

Be bold enough to design your life.