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How to Install FileZilla Server on Windows (Error Resolved)


Filezilla is a FTP software which will help you to handle the files on the remote server. There are two variations in FileZilla.

  1. Filzeilla client
  2. File Zilla Server

The Filezilla client helps you to access the remote server files and handle them.

You can upload files from your local machine to remote server and vice versa. Also, you can edit, delete and update the files in the Remote server based on the given permission.

The Filezilla Server software helps you to host a file server on the installed machine. You can create users and specify folders to access it from FTP client.

Here in this article, let us see How to install FileZilla Server on Windows VPS. I will also discuss how to resolve "could not connect to server" error later in this article(I know that error is annoying you a lot).

install filezilla server windows

1) FileZilla Server Download and Installation

Go to the official Filezilla website and download the FileZilla Server. You can download FileZilla Server from this link

After that, open the downloaded file to initiate the installation process.

how to install filezilla

Once the installation process is complete, you will be asked to connect to the server.

Enter you local host IP address and click OK.

FileZilla Server Configuration

2) Creating a shared folder

Here, you have to create a shared folder.

Also, you have to enable the folder accessible publicly over the network.

how to create ftp shared folder

Here, I have created a folder called FTP in C drive. The path is c:\FTP.

3) Creating users in Filezilla

If an FTP client needs to access your server, you should have an username and password.

To create username and password in FileZilla Server, Go to Setting->User.

how to create ftp user in windows 7

In the left side, you will see the option to add the user.

Click on Add.

The Add User Account Wizard will open.

Add the user name and click OK.

To Add the Password for the user, Select the user from the list and choose the password checkbox.

how to set username and password in ftp server

Enter your password for the user name and click OK.

Now, the password will be associated with the username.

Go to Shared Folder Menu and Select User then click on Add Under the Directory section.

The Browse for folder wizard will open. Go to C:\FTP and click ok.

You can create a shared folder anywhere and associate that with the user name.

4) Securing FileZilla

Once you have finished the configuration of your FTP server, the next thing you have to concentrate on is security.

Here are the three things which we are going to see.

1) Changing the port

The first thing you have to take a look at is port. By Default, the FTP runs on port 21.

There are a lot of hackers who will be looking be scanning for FTP with port 21.

If they get the port, they will try to hack it.


You can change the default port number to which the FTP server is listening to.

Go to Edit->Settings->General Settings.

change port ftp windows

There, you can see Listen on these ports.

The default port number will be 21 and you have to change that to any random 5 digit number.

So it will become very harder for hackers to find the port.

Once you changed the port, click OK.

2) Filtering the IP

Previously We talked about the hackers who are scanning for the port.

This is a very risky thing even when you have strong port number which is harder to find.

To block those people from scanning your port, you can block the IPs and only allow specific IPs.

Go to Settings->General Settings->IP Filter.

filezilla server allow ip range

There will be two blocks available.

One is for adding IPs to block.

The another block is for adding IPs which will be allowed to access the FTP.

Enter the ***** in the First Block to block all the IPs. It will block all the IPs from accessing your FTP.

After that, Add IPs which you will use to access the FTP to exclude them from blocking. Click OK.

Now, the FileZilla will only accept FTP connection requests from the listed IPs and others will be blocked.

3) Auto Ban

This is one another good option to improve the security.

If a user is trying to access FTP from specific IP and failed to login, he will blocked from accessing the FTP for a specific time.

To set up the number of attempts and time period to block the IP when the user exceeds the time, go to Edit->Settings->General Settings-> Autoban.

FileZilla Autoban

Click on Automatic Ban checkbox to enable the autoban. Enter the number of maximum attempts and blocking duration.

5) Adding Firewall Exception for the port

Before start using FTP, you have to add some Exception in the Firewall rules to allow the port and application.

Go to Widows Firewall->Advanced Settings->Inbound Rules->New Rule.

filezilla server error could not connect to server

In that, Select Port and enter the port number and choose to allow the connection.

Select domain, private, public and click next.

Now add the Name and Description for the Rule.

If you have the following error in filezilla,"error could not connect to server", Do the following to resolve the issue.

Sometimes you have to turn off the firewall to enable the FTP server to access it over the network.

Also, Don't forget to enable the Allow remote connection to this computer in System Properties.

To Enable the Remote connection.

Go to Computer->Properties-> Remote Settings.

filezilla error could not connect to server

Select "Allow Remote connection to this computer".

6) Accessing FTP from another computer

You should have an FTP client to access the FileZilla Server. If you are a windows user, you can directly connect to the FTP server without FTP client.

Go to the computer and right click. Select "Add a Network Location" from the Menu.

You will be asked to enter the location.

Enter the IP address and Port number to connect. Click Next.

Now you will be asked to enter the user name. Click Finish.

That's all. When you click on the newly added location, you will be prompted to enter the password.

Enter the Password associated with the username and you will get into the folder which is associated with the username.

The another method yo access FTP is using FTP client. FileZilla is such one of the widely used FTP Client.

Here Let us take a look at How to use Filezilla Client to connect the FTP.

First Download the Filezilla Client from the FileZilla Client Download Page

Here, let us connect to FTP server using the FileZilla.

Enter the Host, User Name, Password and Port then click on Quick connect.

Now, you should be connected to FTP server.

Based on the permission you enabled for the folder, the client can view and edit them.


In this article, you have learned the following

  • How to install and configure FTP
  • How to Create User and associate the file to access
  • How to secure the FTP
  • How to access the FTP from windows and FTP client.

and Overall you learned How to use FileZilla Server.

If you have any struggles while following the above steps, just let us know that in the comment.



I am an Online Marketer and technology lover. I like to learn new things and share that with people.